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What is the difference between Prayag Montessori and Prayag Preschool/Premont?
  1. In Prayag Montessori the child has to be enrolled in the Montessori methodology for the required 3 year period pre-primary (2 years 10 months to 5 years 10months) so as to help the child get the full benefits. The child can be then enrolled into the traditional school for his/her 1st standard. Here all the rules of the Montessori are followed. We are also certified by The Indian Montessori Centre. Language is taught the way it should be that is the sounds of the vowels are introduced first and then the consonants. The numbers too are introduced using the decimal system and the child will be introduced to all the four Mathematical operations by the time he/she finishes his/her third year Montessori. In Preschool/Premont the child is allowed to enroll for a minimum period of 1 year and here even though the principals are Montessori based the child is helped to prepare more to get back to the traditional school setup of L.K.G. That is the child is introduced to the alphabets in English in the succession that they will be following when they move to the traditional setup. We are also certified by the Govt. of Karnataka for pre-primary education.
  2. In Prayag Montessori there is a snack corner and the child is aware of the fact that he/she can have his/her snack when ever he/she wants, there is no time specified snack-time. Prayag Preschool has a specific snack time there by preparing the child for the traditional school the child may enroll to the next year.
  3. Prayag Montessori working timing from 9:30 am to 12:30pm , Monday through Friday.
  4. All Prayag adults are Montessori Certified and the ratio is 12 children for 1 adult - meeting the specifications of the Indian Montessori centre. Prayag Preschool adults are NTT - Nursery certified and also we have one additional Montessori certified adult in the environment to help those children who have enrolled at the age of 2 years to transition to Prayag Montessori when they turn 2 years 10 months
How old do children need to be to begin Montessori?

We require your child to be minimum of 2 years at the time of admission for Padmanabhanagar and 1 year 8 months for J P Nagar Branch. We welcome your visit to know more about us but request you to take prior appointment for the same.

Do young children need to be toilet-trained?

Our school has no diaper-changing facilities. We believe that a child of 2yrs should be toilet trained for his own comfort. Our support staff have help the child if this has not been taken care at home.

My child is not in a Montessori program and I want to change to Montessori. What can I expect?

The younger children below the age group of 3 ½ can be changed to the Montessori environment provided they have not been exposed to the alphabets in succession i.e. a, b, c, d…, We have found that older children generally have a little difficulty where language sounds are concerned as they tend to get a bit confused .Again it depends on individual child and the parent. Montessori program can be best described as a shift for most children from a teacher-dominated situation to a child-centered classroom.

What is the size of a Montessori class?

A Montessori environment caters to a maximum of 36 children from mixed age group with 2 adults to supervise but at Prayag we have 3 adults so as to maintain the adult child ratio. Montessori classes are fairly large for several reasons:

  1. Since children in a Montessori pre-primary class range in age from 2 10 mths to 6, we tend to keep the ratio even between the age groups also so as to have a healthy number of peer groups e.g. 12 children of age group 2 yrs 10mths to 4 yrs - 12 children of age group 4 to 5 and 12 children of age 5 to 6.
  2. We also encourage interactions between age groups. An older child helping a younger one is a hallmark of Montessori classrooms.
  3. One of the most important aspects of the Montessori "Children's House" is its carefully planned arrangement, which allows children to function independently with minimal adult help. In what Maria Montessori called "the prepared environment," even a very young child can take charge of his own learning.
My child is particularly bright. What can you offer her?

Because Montessori philosophy is child-centered, your child may explore as thoroughly and rapidly as she is interested. It is not unusual in a Montessori environment to have 4 year-olds begin reading using phonetic materials or begin addition with math materials. Likewise, children who are not yet interested in the particular reading or math materials may focus on other work like geography that is getting to know continents and culture of different countries or learn about plant life from botany until they are ready. The needs of both highly capable and less advanced children are met by Montessori methods.

What is your school's policy on religion?

Prayag Montessori is officially a completely nonsectarian institution. Our classrooms contain information about the major religions of the world as part of Montessori's cultural curriculum. All faiths and belief systems are respected, and children are welcome to share traditions and observe religious holidays as they choose.

Do you offer art and music?

Cultural subjects are part of every day's activities. Children may learn musical notation, singing, and/or playing instruments such as the recorder or bells. Music history is also a subject that may be pursued. Art materials are part of each classroom, as is material on art history. We view individual expression as intrinsic to the curriculum, not an addendum.

What are the school hours?

School begins at 9.30a.m Children from pre-mont and pre-school1 leave at 12.30pm and the rest of the school leaves at 1pm.

Do you offer after school extended childcare?

After-school childcare is available at the Prayag for all working parents' children only. We call it "Almost Family Center". We aim to provide a homely environment so as to help the children not miss their home. This facility is available till 6.00 p.m only. Here children are offered classes from 4 p.m onwards. Shlokas (3 yrs and above), Bharatnatyam dance (6 yrs and above) & Yoga (8 yrs and above) are offered here.