A Day at the Preschool

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A Day at the Preschool
First day at Preschool

During the first few days of your child's schooling at Prayag Montessori, we permit or encourage either of the parents to stay with the child (probably 3 to 4 days). It would be best if your child could be with us without parents, but we know that sometimes this is difficult, especially with young ones. We understand that your child may feel insecure with us in the initial days and it would help the child to settle better if he gets to see us interact. Hence parents are requested to be with us during these initial days to help the child feel secure and comfortable. We start the school a few days earlier for the newly enrolled but when our senior children come back the new parents are not allowed into the environment.

Once Settled

Prayag starts at 09.30am, but children start coming as early as 09.00am, adults arrive by that time and prepare the environments for their respective children.

Work time/First session

As the child enters the brightly lit environments, they take their sitting mats and spread them on the floor. 09.30 am to 10.30 am is work time for our children. Children are given full freedom to work with the materials of their choice. They choose an activity which has been presented to them earlier or something they wish to work with. It may involve working with a puzzle of fruits, vegetables, shapes etc.

They are also given a lot of pairing activities to help build their vocabulary. All the materials are available for children to work and the environment too has been designed so as to allow the child to explore and learn. We are able to provide effective personalized presentation to children due to our 1:12 ratio (adult: children).

It also is a pre-mont centre for children whose parents have opted for Montessori but have just turned 2 and are less than 3 years. Here these children work under a Montessori trained adult and will receive the required presentations based on their age. They will then be taken to the Montessori environment once they turn 3 years.

Circle time and snack time

10.30 am to 10.45 am is our usual Circle time where children recite Shlokas and Prayers along with the Rhymes.

After this, snack break starts from 10.45 am to 11.30 am, where children are made aware of basic hygiene such as washing their hands, wiping them with clean towels and spreading their napkins before they open their boxes to enjoy what mama has sent. Parents are advised to pack healthy snacks rather than junk food. The adult supervises them during snack time, which is, to make sure that each and every child has had his/her snack completely. As and when the children finish with their snacks, they join their friends for playing in the play area.

Second half/Last hour

The second half or the last hour that is from 11.30 am to 12.20 pm, is usually meant for group activities for children, like the coloring and craft activity. Activities are also planned on a daily basis to help the children learn more through stories and creative work. As a preparation for writing, children trace Sandpaper Letters while repeating the sounds of each alphabet and number. But on Fridays, children have the Audio Visual session where they get to see Educational CD's and sometimes their favorite cartoons.

The yearly curriculum also includes a day out, sports day, fancy dress, and annual day.