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A Day at the Montessori
First day at Prayag Montessori

During the first days of your child's schooling at Prayag Montessori, we permit or encourage either of the parents to stay with the child (probably 3 to 4 days). It would be best if your child could be with us without parents, but we know that sometimes this is difficult, especially with young ones. We understand that your child may feel insecure with us in the initial days and it would help the child to settle better if he gets to see us interact. Hence parents are requested to be with us during these initial days to help the child feel secure and comfortable. We start the school a few days earlier for the newly enrolled but when our senior children come back the new parents are not allowed into the environment.

Once Settled

Children are welcomed at the gate by our Directress and also by the adults of their environment. Prayag starts at 09.30am, but children can come as early as 09.00am. Adults arrive by that time and prepare the environments for their respective children. The children enter the environment by greeting the adults with a 'Namaste' and removing their footwear before entering the environment.

Work Time at Prayag Montessori

Children are received at 9:15 am (Padmanabhanagar) and 9:30 am ( J P Nagar), with the traditional Indian 'Namaste'

Once the children walk into the environment, they are greeted by their adult and then go about taking their mat, unrolling it and choosing the material they want to work with, be it Exercises of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language or Arithmetic.

The adults are there to help and guide the children only when necessary. Work starts from the minute the children walk into the environment and they know that if they feel hungry at any point of time, they have all the freedom to take their snack bag and have their yummy and healthy food at the snack corner.

Once they finish they can either go back to working with the material or join in the group presentations be it Language, Geography or Biology.

Around 11:00 am the children generally break for rhymes, story telling or are invited into the interactive zone audio-visual room or work with anything they want be it is going back to material/clay/coloring/completing any writing work - Language or number work.

Different programs like Theater Sessions are conducted for our outgoing level every Thursday, Yoga is part of our curriculum for 2nd and 3rd years and we also have Jumpbunch program for our Pre Montessori & level 1 children. We work Monday through Friday from 09.30 am to 12.30 pm and have three environments in Padmanabhanagar and four environments in J P Nagar.

On Fridays, it is usually fun time at Prayag for all children. While Pre-monts & first years have Craft & Art Activities. Second & Third year children have Science experiments, Fireless cooking, Art & Craft as their extracurricular activities. Culture is a strong binding force in societies and every child is rooted in a culture that influence their life style and attitude towards life. All major festivals are celebrated in Prayag which develops tolerance, understanding and respect for a harmonious social living.